That in fact humans as biological beings as well as social beings live in a reciprocal relationship with their natural environment. Humans are an integral part and cannot be separated from their environment, so without their environment, humans are mere abstractions. Therefore, the function of the environment must be preserved because only in a good environment can humans live well, and only with good human behavior can the environment become good.

That the process of scientific development has reached an effort to study environmental problems and find solutions by involving various fields of science related to being driven by a noble desire and awareness that science is not to conquer nature but so that humans can live in harmony with their natural environment.

With gratitude for the grace and gift of God Almighty, we hereby establish a foundation with social and humanitarian aims and objectives in order to participate in environmental management and sustainable development including, but not limited to, conducting research and development of science and technology, organize formal and non-formal education, as well as manage information, documentation, and publications by implementing good governance according to the provisions stipulated in the Articles of Association.

The foundation was established on 29 August 2022 by the notary deed of Notary Yanti Yulianty and ratified by the Decree of the Minister of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia Number AHU-0018098.AH.01.04. the year 2022 on 30 August 2022.



Amiluddin Rabbi

Andreas Pramudianto

Cecep Aminudin

Dede Nurdin Sadat

Reno Iskandarsyah


Advisory Board

Chairman : Andreas Pramudianto

Member: Driejana

Member: Reno Iskandarsyah


Governing Board

Chairman : Cecep Aminudin

Secretary : Refial Fadly

Treasurer : Widya Andharie Rahasthera


Supervisory Board

Chairman : Dede Nurdin Sadat

Member  : Amiluddin Rabbi